Crafty & Mighty Hack Pack

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Use this "Hack Pack" to improve the vapor quality from your Crafty & Mighty vaporizers by reducing harshness at higher temperatures.

Includes a 225ct baggie of 3mm borosilicate glass beads (made in USA) and Four (4) stainless steel screens used to replace the stock cooling unit screen.

Usage instructions:

Fully clean your cooling unit in ISO alcohol to remove all residue inside (tip: do this after a session when the vape is still warm).

Re-assemble the cooling unit as you normally would but don't insert the stock steel screen.

Hold cooling unit upsidedown and slowly fill with the glass beads, gently shaking your hand while inserting the beads to evenly disperse them inside.

Once the beads are filled to the top of the intake hole it's time to insert the screen that holds them in place.

The screen comes flat, but it needs to be bent outward slightly by rolling it out over the tip of your finger. Then insert the screen into the cooling unit with the bulging side facing outward. 

Check out this thread on the forum for more details or if you have any questions regarding usage.